Why a Seamless Floor is Perfect for Playrooms


Searching for the perfect playroom floor covering? There are many materials to choose from, but one option stands out from the rest. A Seamless Floor is not as unusual a choice as it may seem. There are many reasons why people are now using this product in their homes and not just in garages and commercial properties.

Avoid Bacteria Growth

A lot of products make it easy for bacteria to become established and multiply. This is dangerous in playrooms where children will spend a lot of their time on the floor. Viruses, allergens and mold also collect in carpeting, cracks in the flooring and in porous materials. Regular vacuuming and mopping are not enough to remove all of the contaminants. Poured floors are solid and seamless, so they are an antibacterial surface that is easy to keep clean.

Stop Most Stains

Again, a flooring material that is not porous will not allow anything to absorb into the material and leave a stain. Spilled drinks, dropped food and even the occasional artwork is easy to remove. There is always the chance that a very industrious child will find something that does not wash away easily but that would be unusual. This type of flooring is used in garages and hospitals because it is so resistant to stains.

Prevent Many Accidents

Another reason why this flooring is popular for garages and hospitals is that it is also slip-resistant. A Seamless Floor is a safe space for kids that like to run and skip. It is also safe for toddlers just beginning to walk and babies in their walkers because there are no floor edges to trip over.

Poured floors are available in many colors. They can be solid colors or have glitter or other add-ins included that will not affect the smoothness of the surface. It is possible to have patterns, swirls and designs of any type. The flooring is beautiful in every room, so it will still be appealing when the room is no longer needed just for children. Each floor is unique because all will look a little different than all others. Contact the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to learn more about this flooring option. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.