The first step of carpet installation is to make sure you have every tool you need, the right amount of carpet, and an understanding of how much time is needed. When preparing to install carpet, first decide what type of carpet you want. Next, measure the room to make sure the carpet will fit the floor of the room properly.


There is a wide variety of carpets on the market that will fit any homeowner’s taste. Once you’ve decided on the right kind of carpet, installing it can prove to be a more complicated task. Many homeowners will choose to hire a professional to install their carpet. However, it is still very important to understand just how to install Carpet in Minneapolis.

Removing the Existing Carpet Minneapolis MN

The old carpet will need to be pulled or stripped off along with any additional materials and nails. If the bare floor needs to be repaired such as filling in cracks, the professional will repair these before he or she lays down the new carpet. Be sure to ask if there are any additional fees for repairing cracks to the base floor. Repairing the base floor extends the life of the carpet and provides a more perfect fit.

Pre-carpet installation

This stage involves nailing strips in places where the floor meets the walls. The professional will use a tool called a spacer to ensure the strips are a perfect fit. After the strips are laid down, padding is installed to completely cover the ground. The professional will remove any excess padding.

Installing the carpet

Once the strips and padding are laid, it’s time to install the carpet. Since the carpet can be pretty heavy and stiff, the contractor will handle this complicated aspect carefully. He will make sure the sides are flat to lessen any wrinkles, bumps, or knots. He may also place additional nails to keep the carpet fit and in place.

Hiring a professional

Since it’s best to hire a professional to install your carpet, make sure he is licensed or has the necessary experience to do the job. A professional will definitely know every aspect of installation involved and will know approximately how much time it takes to complete the job. He will also have the tools necessary to complete the work and will be able to work efficiently. There are many companies that provide Affordable Floor Installation services.