Why a Clean Dryer Vent is a Safe Dryer Vent


Clothing washers and dryers are very common appliances in the United States. Nearly 80% of homes in America own or have regular access to a clothes dryer, making it a commonplace resource in our lives. However, clothing dryers have a hidden danger that can cause damage to the home, injury or even death when not maintained properly. That risk is the dryer vent, particularly a clogged one.

The Danger of the Dryer Vent

When we dry our clothes, lint is created and collected in the vent system of automatic clothing dryers. This keeps our clothing from flaking everywhere as we wear it. The dryer vent typically has a removeable filter that does the catching of the actual lint, which can be easily cleaned.

However, the deeper ducts of the dryer vent are not so simple to clean. For this reason, many owners do not tend to their maintenance regularly, and allow dust, lint and other particles to build up inside. This can cause serious risks, including electrical fire, home damage and serious danger to residents inside the property.

All of this can be prevented with proper dryer vent cleaning. This service is difficult to perform at home without knowledge of how your machine works, so it is best to consult a professional for regular upkeep and maintenance.

How the Pros Keep Your Family, Home and Budget Safe

Cleaning dryer vents does not only prevent injury and property damage. As with any machine, regularly scheduled upkeep can enhance performance and lengthen the life of your device. It can also prevent dust, lint and other unfriendly allergens from reentering the air in your home, causing health problems and possible allergic reactions.

All of this is the job of a professional duct serviceman, trained in the skill of ridding ducts and dryer vents of pollution and soil without damaging the sometimes-fragile mechanisms therein. Consulting a professional will not only save you and your family time, frustration and the many risks of ignoring the problem, it will also save you money in the long-run. Truly a win-win situation!