Which Shelving Racks Work Best for Irregular Sized Items

Storage and Logistics

When it comes time to install a warehouse racking system in your storage facility, you must consider the kind of stock you are responsible for storing.

You will want to choose a racking system that can accommodate the size and shape of your stock and support your products without the risk of falling items or injuring warehouse employees.

If your facility is generally responsible for handling and storing non-standard, irregular products such as large pieces of furniture and machinery, a cantilevered racking system will benefit your company.

Cantilever Racking

The best storage solution for companies that carry big, bulky products and store non-traditional sized stock is cantilever racking.

Cantilever warehouse racking systems save space in your warehouse facility by provides an excellent means of storing oversized items such as metal sheets and bars, steel tubes, timber boards, and large pieces of machinery.

A cantilever racking system consists of the base, the uprights, the arms, and the braces. The uprights are vertical support beams attached to the cantilever arms for support and stability. The arms are the horizontal beams that physically support the product, and the braces are connected to the uprights to reinforce stability throughout the entire racking system.

These parts can be customized to accommodate your facility, and they can be configured for use as either single or double-sided storage.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking for Irregular Sized Items

  • Cantilever Racks are Easily Installed and Reconfigured

Cantilever racking systems have a very simple installation process. They are also easy to reconfigure, to meet the changing needs of your facility. Whether you need to store pallets, timber, furniture or sheet metal, cantilever racks can be rearranged to support your product.

  • Cantilever Racks Offer Safe, Reliable Storage

Improper storage techniques such as overloaded shelves and use of inadequate warehouse racking systems present big challenges for companies when handling products. Improper storage can damage products and even injure warehouse employees.

Cantilever racks will ensure that your products are stored safely while also reducing or eliminating these risk factors.

  • Cantilever Racks Provide Efficient Storage

Cantilever racking allows you to store multiple large, long, irregular sized items all in one place, leaving open space on the floor of your warehouse to be repurposed and used for easy access to standard-sized stock items.

With most industrial shelving units, these large non-traditional products would be stored in open space on the warehouse floor, requiring extra manpower to coordinate movements and reconfigurations based on the needs of the day.

Cantilever racking allows you to store your products in a more efficient, customized manner that allows you to maximize the use of your facility while minimizing the manpower requirements.

  • Cantilever Racks Maximize Vertical Space

Cantilever racks are designed with an open vertical frame to allow for non-obstructive, large scale storage.

Cantilever warehouse racking systems can be stacked on top of each other, maximizing usage of the often neglected vertical space available in a warehouse.

  • Cantilever Racks Allow Easy Access to Product

Because of their open-frame design, cantilever warehouse racks allow quick and easy access to products. The racks have an open bottom with no traditional shelf to support their weight, which makes it much easier for forklift operators to move products on and off the shelves and around the warehouse.

  • Cantilever Racks Can Easily Support Long Items

Cantilever systems are perfect for supporting long items that most other industrial shelving units cannot hold.

Mechanically, the horizontal beams work in the same way as human arms. If you want to carry multiple long items you extend your arms and support the items from the center.

This design is especially beneficial also because it does this without interfering with the storage area.