Looking for Gold Dealers in Chicago? Try a Pawn Shop


With gold now valued at more than $1,200 per troy ounce, many Chicago residents are selling unwanted jewelry. Those old-fashioned pieces they inherited no longer seem like clutter. Even damaged items can be surprisingly valuable. With that in mind, many customers have their local pawn shops appraise jewelry, since the businesses are some of the most popular Gold Dealers in Chicago. Pawn shops buy and sell a wide range of items. They also give clients the option to borrow against their items if they do not want to sell those belongings.

Buyers Accept Gold Any Condition

Customers searching for Gold Dealers in Chicago often choose pawn shops because the businesses have more flexible buying policies than some other dealers. Pawn shops pay well for classic gold pieces such as earrings, bracelets, watches, designer pieces, and rings. However, they also accept broken jewelry. Many clients are surprised to find that their unused gold chains and damaged designer pieces can fetch surprisingly high prices. Appraisers evaluate items on the spot and let customers know how much their things are worth. They immediately pay customers in cash.

Pawn Shops Sell Beautiful Gold Jewelry

Because pawn shops buy so many items, they are also the ideal places to shop for beautiful gold jewelry. Many couples who are looking for high-quality, affordable engagement rings research sites like clarkpawners.com for ideas. Store websites include a “Contact us” option that lets customers speak with friendly store personnel who provide information on what they have in stock. Customers are often surprised to find that an established pawn shop looks more like a traditional jewelry store. Many include cases filled with elegant jewelry that has been restored to like-new condition by staff jewelers.

Customers Can Use Valuables As Collateral

Clients who need cash but do not want to part with their jewelry also find solutions at pawn shops. The shops offer customers short-term loans secured by customers’ valuables. Appraisers evaluate clients’ things and then advise how much they can loan against them. Customers sign an agreement and leave their belongings as collateral. They are paid cash instantly and get their valuables back once the loan is repaid.

Customers looking for reputable gold dealers often choose established pawn shops. The businesses buy and sell a wide variety of valuables. They also make short-term loans to clients who use their belongings as collateral.