Where To Purchase Used Patient Monitors


There is an increasing interest in healthcare facilities to reduce operating costs and limit the purchase of equipment to just what is necessary. This isn’t new, but it does continue to be a focus for most hospitals and treatment facilities.

One simple way to help to reduce the cost of necessary equipment replacement is to choose refurbished over new. Through buying the refurbished equipment from a reputable dealer, you can find used patient monitors, surgical tables, anesthesia machines and a wide variety of other products as well.
When buying used patient monitors or any other healthcare equipment, there are a few issues that need to be carefully considered. Not all online websites offer the same quality in refurbished equipment so reviewing the company’s reputation is going to be just as important as reviewing the brand of monitor.

Established Companies Only

There are several places online to purchase refurbished hospital equipment. Buying from an established company specializing in healthcare equipment is always the most recommended option. Avoid buying from companies that don’t provide information on their location, years in business or their process for completing refurbishing work.

Compare Prices

As with any type of online purchase, shopping around to compare prices will always be important. Most of the quality refurbished patient monitors from reputable companies will be very similar in price, although there may be sales or clearances that lower the price even further.

Check the Warranty

Whenever purchasing used patient monitors from a reputable refurbishing service you will have a warranty. The length of the warranty will typically be six months, but with different models there may be a longer warranty offered.
Avoid any type of used equipment that is not offered with a warranty. This is also the reason that an established business is important since you can rest assured they honor their warranty and put customer service first.