3 Reasons You Must Choose a Pediatrician that Offers Pediatric Urgent Care in San Diego


Children do not get sick after the doctor’s office closes on purpose, pediatric urgent care in San Diego is there when they need care. There are 3 reasons your pediatrician should offer pediatric urgent care in San Diego, if they do not, you may need to look to another practice.

Proper Care

There is no reason greater than getting the proper care that your pediatrician should be offering urgent care or after hours’ care. Children are not left with many choices if they get sick or their illness escalates in the evening hours other than to go to the emergency room or adult urgent care.  The other 3 reasons are:

  1. To start treatment
  2. To rule out very serious illness
  3. For the comfort of the child

Starting treatment right away can mean the difference in duration and severity. In some instances, starting treatment right away is the only option, like treating the flu. There is a medication that can help reduce the duration and the severity of the flu but it must be administered early on during the illness or it is not as effective. Other treatment courses that work best when they are initiated early on include treating with antibiotics.

When your child is sick it can be very difficult to tell whether it is “just a cold” or something more dangerous like bronchitis. Waiting it out puts the child at risk.

Children that are sick should be attended to by a pediatrician that is familiar with their health history, they should not be left to suffer through the night.

Children’s Primary Care Medical Group offers urgent care services from the pediatricians in the practice that are familiar with your child’s health history.