Where to Have Your Dream Wedding


Picking a wedding venue is often one of the most difficult parts of planning the entire event. You have to not only find somewhere within your budget, but it also has to meet a whole laundry list of criteria. Is it going to be large enough? Can you keep those two relatives who can’t get along apart? Is it handicap accessible? These are all things that must be considered, so it is easy to overlook these excellent options when you are considering all of the possibilities.

The Beach

This is one option that has gained a lot of popularity over the last several years. Beach weddings are becoming more common, but they are still an excellent option. You are not limited to an on the beach wedding either. Many gold courses, for example, can be rented out for events and weddings. Palm Beach weddings are an excellent option for those worried about finding the right settings. You really can’t go wrong with a beach wedding at sunset.


If you are more of a mountain-goer, then you may see your ideal wedding deep in the mountains. One option that has popped up lately is renting a large mountain cabin and having the wedding party stay for a few days to relax, then have the guests arrive the day of the ceremony. Depending on the cabin these can often sleep twenty or more people comfortably, so if you have a small wedding party, then you could all enjoy a few days’ vacation before your big day.

Botanical Gardens

Most people live within driving distance of a local botanical garden. These are often very scenic and can do a lot to set the mood for a wedding. Rentals are usually cheap, but depending on the location tables and chairs may or may not be provided. Be sure to ask and plan ahead.

There are many great non-traditional wedding venues around the country. For people who do not want a traditional wedding finding a venue is often difficult since it is not as simple as arranging it with a local church.