Where to Get Expert Legal Counsel Regarding PERA Retirement in Minnesota


Our communities in Minnesota rely on the brave and experienced services that this state’s courageous police and firefighters perform every day. When one of these seasoned service members become injured while on the job, things can get tough for them to take care of their families, medical bills and other essential obligations. Learn where to get expert and compassionate legal counsel regarding PERA retirement in Minnesota.

Who Qualifies for Minnesota’s PERA Retirement Benefits?

If a firefighter or police officer becomes injured or develops a disability that is expected to keep them from performing their usual physical job duties, they may qualify for important PERA retirement that Minnesota legislators have provided for this sort of situation. There are a number of factors to consider, and injured or disabled firefighters and police officers are urged to get in touch with a reliable local attorney as soon as possible for a no-obligation consultation to review their specific case details.

The Importance of Filing a Claim for PERA Retirement Promptly

Like most types of insurance plans and other benefits, it can take time to get through the often cumbersome paperwork and other necessary details. This is why law firms that deal with these types of claims strongly recommend that the injured and/or disabled individuals find an experienced attorney in a timely manner.

Family Members May Be Entitled to PERA Benefits

Sometimes, a police officer or firefighter succumbs to their injuries or illness. Family members of the deceased may qualify for owed PERA benefits.