What to Look for When Hiring the House Painters Norwich VT has Available


There are a few things you really need to consider if you’re going to be hiring any of the house painters in Norwich VT has available. They include the reputation the company has in your community, their guarantee, and the ability to choose and supply your own paint.

Of course, all of these things aren’t equally important. If a company offers a solid guarantee on their work, but insists on providing their own paint, you may still want to consider them. Each of these things are listed below, in order of importance.

Do You Know the Reputation of the House Painters Norwich VT Relies On?

There are lots of companies that providing exterior and interior painting services. While it’s a specialized task that does benefit from training, just about anyone can break into the field.

Would you rather hire someone who is new, inexperienced, but known for over delivering? Or would you prefer to go with a company that has been around for a while but likes to cut corners? Of course, an established company with a great reputation is great.

There are two ways to check on the community’s impression of any particular company:

  1. Check online review sites, like Yelp.com or Merchant Circle
  2. Ask for referrals

Ideally, you do both.

What about Their Guarantee?
With a little bit of training anyone can learn to deliver a great paint job. But only the most experienced house painters know how to do it in a way that’s going to last for years to come.

Every company provides different guarantees. Some guarantee their work for a decade or more. Others guarantee your complete satisfaction. What you’re looking for isn’t anything specific. Instead, it’s something that feels right to you. Don’t settle for a guarantee that doesn’t float your boat, and definitely avoid companies that don’t offer any kind of guarantee at all.

Choosing Your Own Paint

Plenty of the house painters Norwich VT has available will allow you to choose your own paint. This can help you save costs, but it could also impact the guarantee provided. For instance, a company offering a complete satisfaction guarantee with a ten year durability promise may restrict that if you choose your own paint i.e. Home Partners.

You have to balance out the cost-to-savings ratio, here. To do this, figure out how much money you’re saving by providing your own paint. Then, subtract this from what it would cost to have the job done again in ten years.

If you’re not saving at least as much as what it would cost to have everything done again, then you should just let them supply the paint. Providing your own could end up costing you money instead of saving it.