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Bedsore Attorney

When someone is bedridden, they must be turned at least every two hours to avoid getting pressure-related areas called bedsores. These sores can happen quickly, and the sores will only deepen and become more complicated if the sores are not adequately addressed and treated promptly. This could be considered medical care negligence, and the victim and/or family members should immediately get in touch with a dedicated and successful bedsore attorney in Nassau County.

Some Bedsores Are Far More Than Just Skin Deep

To the untrained eye, a pressure sore is hard to detect at first. These sores tend to occur on areas that have a bony prominence that sticks out and can become rubbed. Staying too long in one position creates too much pressure to these areas. That pressure cuts-off the vital blood flow to the area that brings the oxygenated blood necessary for good health and skin integrity. As the sore deepens, it can invade into the underlying fat tissue, muscles and eventually down to a bone.

Bedsore Prevention Should Be Part of Every Healthcare Professional’s Training

Every hospital, nursing home and home care agency know that they must hire fully trained staff as caregivers for vulnerable patients. This would include bedbound patients and those that have little to no mobility perhaps confined to a wheelchair. Turning at the proper times using the correct method is key to keeping bedsores at bay.

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