When To Use Square Bend U Bolts


One of the great things about U bolts is that they come in a wide range of different sizes and even different shapes. While most of the bolts have the traditional rounded top, creating the “U” shape, there are other considerations as well.

The traditional round top U bolt is ideal for security round pipe or tubing. The shape of the U bolt provides the maximum ability to match the edges of the pipe or tubing and hold it securely in place. With the inside of the U bolt matching the outside diameter of the round pipe or tubing, there is less chance of rubbing or knocking that can result in damage to the pipe as well as potential rattling.

Rectangular and Square Tubing

In some situations, particularly for running cable or for structural components on trailers, boats or RV’s, it is very common to use aluminum square or rectangular tubing or square or rectangular bar. The difference is that tubing will be hollow while the bar will be solid.

The most obvious issue is that the round top on a standard U bolt won’t correctly fit with the square or rectangular shape. The answer this problem is square bend U bolts.

These U bolts have a square rather than a rounded top, which allows the square bend U bolts to fit snugly and completely around the shape of the bar or rectangular or square tubing. As with the round U bolts and round pipe or tubing, this matching of the shapes provides a snug, secure fit without any rubbing or movement.

Typically square bend U bolts are available in standard bar and square tubing sizes. For specialized types of applications, some manufacturers can design and manufacture custom sizes of these square U bolts including additional widths and lengths to meet specific fabrication or installation requirements.