When Stripes Are the Star of the Show

Table Linens

Table runners can be showstoppers, drawing your guests’ attention to the lavish feast you have laid before them. The right table runner is one that does not distract the eye, but rather integrates itself harmoniously with the other elements of the table setting. Can stripes fit that bill? You bet they can.Experiment with a navy blue and white striped table runner, and you will soon see how stripes offer a dramatic but tasteful accent.

Eye-catching as they are, stripes can be tamed by toning down the other elements on your table. A striped table runner is great for people who have otherwise been conservative in their selection of dinnerware. If you have solid color plates in almost any color, they will stand out well against a blue and white striped table runner. Of course, if your tastes in plates veer more towards the floral, then strips might not work.

Navy blue and white is a classic and neutral theme that can be used at any time of year. When you are having an Independence Day party, though, look out—this is when the stripes become the stars. Red table wear against a blue and white striped runner will make your guests suddenly feel patriotic. Of course, a blue and white striped table runner harmonizes with a Hanukah party, allowing you to show off that plate of steaming hot latkes!

There’s no need to be scared of stripes. Many people find that when they take the plunge on an eye-catching table-runner, everything else falls into place. Choosing a strong centerpiece for a striped tablecloth is also easier than you think, especially if you stick with silver and other solid pieces. When it comes to home decor, it’s the details that make all the difference.