When Pup Met Pro Groomer: When to Start Using Alexandria, VA Puppy Grooming


Pro groomers and veterinarians recommend you introduce your pup to professional puppy grooming in Alexandria, VA, at 10 to 12 weeks old, after the second cycle of vaccines. There are countless cosmetic and health benefits of dog grooming in general, but getting your dog started as early as possible establishes a lifetime of good feelings about the grooming process.

Teaching Young Dogs New Tricks

You know the old saying about old dogs and tricks. Introducing your pup to professional grooming at 10 to 12 weeks old gets your pup used to routine grooming and all of the stimulation that it entails.

Dogs are significantly more sensitive than humans to environmental stimuli. It’s important that a seasoned, compassionate handler take charge of inuring your pup to the thrill of getting doused, lathered, blow-dried and buzzed.

More Than Mere Good Looks

A clean and clipped pup looks and smells better. Grooming also keeps your pup’s hair and skin free of microbes and bacteria that cause odors, infection and irksome skin conditions. It’s also a fact that many ear infections stem from germs that fester in long, unwashed hair.

A wash and a cut of both hair and nails also makes it easier to spot health issues as they unfold, such as fleas, ticks or skin problems. A thorough regimen of puppy grooming in Alexandria, VA, also includes other necessary medical procedures, from ear plucking to anal sac expression.

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