When Is Roof Repair in Plano, TX Covered By Insurance?


In many situations, the roof repair in Plano, TX, that you need is something you may not have to pay for out of pocket. That is because these repairs may fall under your home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance helps protect against unexpected and accidental damage to your home. It covers things that are unavoidable. In some cases, your roof repair may fall under that.

Storms, Wind, and More

One of the most common times when roof repair in Plano, TX may fall under your home insurance coverage is when it is due to a storm or other weather-related event. For example, a storm may come through your area, damage the roof through hail hitting the structure, and the wind blowing the shingles off. In these cases, your insurance company may help cover costs associated with the repairs. If a tree branch is struck by lightning and it hits your home, that can also get covered by most policies.

When You May Not Have Protection

There are some situations where roof damage is not likely covered by your policy. If the damage was due to normal wear and tear or aging on the structure, your policy is not likely to cover it. If the damage is due to poor maintenance, that can also lack coverage. For example, if the tree branch fell on your home because it was dying, that is less likely to have coverage. Roof leaks due to poor maintenance do not usually fall under your coverage, either.

When you are unsure, turn to your roofing company to learn more. With roof repair in Plano, TX, you can get the help you need to get your roof back in good condition. You can also minimize your risks. Let your roofing company help you determine if you qualify for coverage.