Recoup After Getting Hit by a Car With a Car Accident Lawyer in Puyallup


Car accidents involving pedestrians can be fatal for all parties involved. Even if there are no fatalities, severe or life-threatening injuries are a frequent outcome. How does a pedestrian recoup losses? What losses can an injured pedestrian struck by a vehicle even recoup? An experienced car accident lawyer in Puyallup can answer all of these questions and prepare the strongest personal injury claim or wrongful death claim for maximum results.

Who’s at Fault?

When a car accident lawyer in Puyallup prepares a personal injury claim,determining which party was negligent is the bottom line. Washington, like most states, has specific rules governing when drivers must yield to pedestrians.

Pedestrians always have the right of way at marked crosswalks, at all intersections (even when the crosswalk isn’t marked) and on the sidewalk. Drivers have the right of way in the middle of the road and when the light is green and the pedestrian has a stop signal.

Naturally, there are many grey areas entailing both driver and pedestrian error. Determining this is crucial for an accident lawyer to illuminate where the fault rests.

Types of Driver & Pedestrian Error

Old and new bad habits among motorists creep up everyday. Texting while driving, turning at intersections without noting pedestrians, failing to yield at crosswalks and the ever-popular tendency to run red lights.

Similarly, pedestrians who dash across intersections at the last minute or who jaywalk are just as likely to be at fault in a car-pedestrian accident. Pinpointing culpability can affect the strength of a pedestrian’s personal injury claim and the exact amounts that might be rewarded.

Losses That an Injured Pedestrian Can Recoup

The list is too long to enclose here in full. However, pedestrians struck and injured by a vehicle can recoup medical bills, the cost of valuables destroyed, lost wages, future loss of income owing to disability (permanent or temporary) and the cost of property repair. Getting the max comes down to the experience and wherewithal of the car accident lawyer in Puyallup that the pedestrian retains.