What’s Next When A Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied?

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You would think that an individual that was disabled would be granted immediate access to assistance and medical care. Unfortunately, the system in place in the US doesn’t work quite like that. The greatest majority of claims are denied and to even hope for disability benefits it becomes necessary to appeal. There are several levels of appeal starting with a simple request for reconsideration, a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, the appeals council and finally, a federal court review. It is for this reason that an applicant is better off when he or she is supported by Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri.

Why are claims denied?

   * Inability to work: Despite the claim that work is not possible, most claims are denied. Denial is often due to a lack of supporting information and documentation which often involves medical details, supporting documents from physicians and other health care personnel and facilities and a report of the current condition of the applicant.

Even when the impairment is listed in the Social Security “Blue Book” the application must be fully supported by reports and records. The applicant must provide detailed information that explains in full why it is not possible to work. There can be many reasons why working is not possible, perhaps it is not possible to stand for any length of time, maybe the applicant finds it difficult to understand and deal with instructions; the reasons are varied but must be explained in finite detail.

   * Improper filing: It is not enough just to provide complete details of the disabling condition, the claim must be dead honest and all information must be accurate. It is not that people are inherently dishonest; it often boils down to them not understanding the intent of the question. This is when Social Security lawyers in Missouri can be of tremendous assistance, they are fully aware of the intention of all the questions that are posed and they can insure that no inadvertent inaccuracies are made part of the application.

It is extremely important that an application for Social Security disability benefits be complete and that the claimed condition be supported with extensive information. If you cannot support your claim, chances are it will be denied out of hand.

Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri can help putting together a claim that has a very good chance of being approved, either initially or during the appeals process. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Grundy Disability Group.