What is the Difference Between Certified and Qualified?

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When it comes to welding in Orange County CA, there are companies that can provide you with both certified and/or qualified welders.  What, if any, are the differences between the two?  What it comes down to is this, a qualified welder is experienced in the field, is knowledgeable and skilled, and more then competent.  A certified welder, on the other hand, has sat for and passed a teat proving his qualifications and received a certification attesting to such.  With that, he or she can gain access to trade organizations, make more money and can even find themselves in higher demand on the job market.

Required Qualifications
There are numerous laws, rules and regulations, plus organizations such as OSHA that have specific requirements that need to be met to be employed as a qualified welder.  There are tests that need to be completed satisfactorily, including the Weld Procedure Specification, or WPS.  You will also find that there are regulations requiring you to weld at a minimum of every six months to remain proficient.  You may be required to test at any time if asked by a welding inspector.

The Certification Examination
When you take the test to become certified it is given by a certified welding inspector and is a hands-on examination.  You will be required to prove that you can make welds that meet all standardized codes and that your procedural efforts are on a par with industry standards.  Keep in mind that the only real difference between a qualified welder and a certified welder may very well be that certification card the one has in his or her wallet.  Exotic Welding offers both qualified and certified welders, making sure that they always have enough manpower to complete your project on time.