What’s HPLC, and Why Is It Important in Medicine?

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Biotechnology Company

HPLC stands for High Performance Affinity Chromatography. It’s considered an analytical chemistry technique to help separate, quantify, and identify non- and semi-volatile compounds in a liquid sample. Typically, it’s used in biopharma, food and beverage, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries for purification, characterisation, and quantitation of all compounds.

How Does HPLC Work?

The HPLC instrument features four components:

  • A pump delivering the mobile phase
  • The autosampler to help inject the sample
  • A detector to help measure the compounds
  • A stationary phase column for separating sample compounds

However, you may also require tubing and connective capillaries to ensure the sample continuously flows through the system. Likewise, a CDS package can control the result evaluation, detection, separation, and more.

Here are the steps for HPLC analysis:

  • Mobile Phase Starts to Flow – A pump will push the solvents or eluents through the system using a specific flow rate.
  • Sample Injection – After the sample is injected into the mobile phase’s flow path, it travels with the mobile phase to the head of the column from the injection point.
  • Compound Separation – The physical separation of your compounds will happen in the column stationary phase. Then, the separated sample parts will move to the detector.
  • Analyte Detection – The machine will detect the target analytes based on the electrical signal that was generated.
  • Chromatogram Generation – The detected analyte signal will be translated into a chromatogram based on time and other factors.

Ultimately, it’s important to be able to separate samples to determine if there are anomalies. This type of testing can help doctors learn what’s wrong with a patient to provide appropriate care and treatment.

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