What You Should Know Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tyler TX


Personal Injury is a term that refers to the total injuries a personal will suffer after being involved in an accident caused by another negligent party. Before pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, it is imperative you first understand the various types of personal injury cases. This will enable you to hire the right Personal Injury Lawyer in Tyler TX for your case.

Auto Accident Injuries

These are injuries that are caused by the negligence of the other driver. These injuries are due to:

* Car accidents

* Truck accidents

* Motorcycle accidents

* Bicycle accidents

* Pedestrian accidents

If you are injured in any of the above accidents and you strongly believe you are not responsible for the accident, then you are entitled to some form of compensation. However, you will need to prove to the court that the other driver was under a certain influence that made him or her to cause the accident.

Medical Malpractices

Personal injuries can also occur due to the reckless of medical professionals. For example, if a surgeon leaves some surgical equipment inside the body of a patient, then the victim can claim for personal injury compensation. Medical malpractices can also occur where a doctor prescribes the wrong medication to a patient, gives a patient expired drug among other related cases.

Animal Injuries

If you are injured by another person’s dog, you are also entitled to compensation. According the law, dog owners are responsible for all the damages caused by attack and bites of their dogs on another party. Whether the attack was intentional or unintentional the owner of the dog should compensate the injured victim.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Victims who sustain injuries because of a slip and fall accident are entitled to some form of compensation. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include: inadequate lights, wet floor and existence of pot holes on the floor.

There are many other categories of personal injury lawsuits. If you have any questions regarding your situation, it is important you contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tyler TX from Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C. These attorneys are highly experienced in handling the different types of personal injury cases and can help you fight for your compensation.