What You Should Know about an International Pilot Academy in El Cajon, CA


If you dream of seeing the world and exploring new places and the idea of flying a plane exhilarates you, you need to make plans to attend a flight school and get the training you need to be a successful pilot. At an international pilot academy in El Cajon, CA area, students learn the ropes and get their wings to fly planes themselves. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the program:

How Long Do the Courses Take to Complete?

The time can vary, depending on student skill and experience level, and ultimately can differ greatly among students. There are courses that last four to eight weeks and some more advanced all-encompassing courses and training that span eight to 12 months from start to finish.

What Are the Course Start Dates?

Most courses start with a mandatory ground school training session that lasts a week or two. Class start times vary but are usually available every one to two months to give new students plenty of opportunity to access the classes at an international pilot academy in El Cajon, CA.

How Often Will I Fly While in the Course?

After ground school training is complete, your first 10 days will provide an average of two hours of flight training each day. You are expected to attend the school five days a week with two rest days off. It is required to log enough flight time in order to pass your class certification.

To learn more about becoming a pilot, the courses that are available and what training and certification is required to be a pilot, contact American Aviation Academy.