What to Look for When Shopping for Tires in Fitchburg WI

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Auto Repair

It’s amazing how a new set of properly-mounted and balanced Tires Fitchburg WI can affect even an older automobile. Above and beyond the difference you can feel in handling from the very first turn, you know that you can count on improved braking and traction, even in the worst road conditions. After all, tires aren’t just designed to help you go; they’re also designed to help you stop. New tires can also make a difference at the gas pump. Correctly balanced, aligned and inflated, these tires can start saving you money from the first mile you put on them.

Another factor that can make a big difference is where you go to find your new Tires Fitchburg WI. It’s worth the extra time to find a team of specialists that you can trust. Look for the brand names you know and trust. If you drive an imported vehicle, make sure that they carry tires that will be compatible. Be sure that they will mount and balance your new tires, too. Don’t be afraid to ask if their tires and services come with some kind of warranty.

You will also want to make sure that once you have purchased your tires, they will handle your tire maintenance, as well. Things like regular tire rotations, flat repairs and alignments are all important to the overall well-being of your vehicle. It may also be worth your while to see if they have any kind of roadside assistance plan. Even the best of tires can leave you by the side of the road at times. These are all important considerations when deciding who you will allow to work on your vehicle.

Reputation is important when it comes to working on cars and trucks. There are some shops out there that will provide only minimal service, but will expect a large payment. These places may be around for a brief period of time, but it’s the established, professional tire experts that you will want to trust your vehicle to. Look for the pros who are as concerned with getting you the very best deal at Genin’s AutoCare as they are with their standing in the community.

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