Differences Between New Construction Windows and Reto-Fit Windows in Murrieta, CA

Home Improvement

Windows over time will start to become less energy efficient and eventually need to be replaced. Homeowners that are going to undergo a home improvement project that involves replacing their existing windows will be given two options for windows -; new construction and retrofit windows.

These two options are very similar -; as they both offer clear panes of glass to look out of, but they have some major differences. The following is a look at the differences between new construction and retrofit windows.

The Installation Process

The biggest difference between the two window types is the way it is installed. New construction windows will require an extensive installation process that involves removing the old windows, chipping away at the interior drywall, and removing some of the stucco around the structure.

This installation process is required to make the area around the windows watertight. It keeps water from the outside getting in.

Retrofit windows have a much simpler installation process. The Retro-Fit Windows Murrieta CA installation process involves using the existing structure of the old windows and fitting it with the new windows.

The retrofit window installation process involves using what is called a Z-bar to install the windows. This Z-bar can be installed into the frame of the old windows, which saves time and eliminates the need to have to tear out or chip away any interior drywall or stucco.

The Price of the Installation

The physical windows involved with both options cost the same, but due to the lengthy installation process one will be significantly more than the other. New construction windows will typically be quotes at a price that is anywhere from $300 to $600 more than retrofit windows.

The price increase is because of the need for installers to remove drywall and chip away at the stucco. This all takes time and installers must be compensated for their time. The retro-fit windows Murrieta CA process is simpler and requires less labor involves, which means it will cost less.

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