What to Look for In the Best Medical Colleges Abroad

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Choosing to complete an MBBS outside of India is a wise choice for many students. Limited MBBS seats and even fewer PG seats presents a challenge even for high achieving students with top NEET exam results.

It is critical for any student to choose from the best medical colleges abroad. Many students and families make the mistake of selecting a college or university outside of the country based on the cost of tuition and living. However, these lower-cost degree programs may not satisfy the requirements to complete a PG and to practice medicine in India, the United States, or other countries around the world.

To ensure the college selected is one of the best medical colleges abroad, there are three important issues to research in addition to the cost.

Success Rate of Graduates

The best medical colleges abroad publish information about the residency placement of their graduates. Colleges that are not offering information about the placement of graduates for PG may be providing only observerships and not the required Green Book clinical rotations.

The information on graduates should be readily available. Top medical universities and colleges often post this information on their website.

The Reputation of the College

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to verify the accreditation status of all international colleges and universities. Verify the college is accredited and that students are accepted into PG in the USA after graduation.

Level of Structure for Students from India

Look carefully at the structure of the education at the college. Indian students are familiar with a rote learning and testing model, while many international universities and colleges use a problem-solving and discovery model for learning and testing. Choosing a college with a familiar educational model decreases the challenges of learning both the academic content and the delivery and testing of the academics.

One of the best medical colleges abroad for students in India is Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean. Zordha Education offers students support throughout the MBBS program and PG in the USA. To learn more, visit.