What to Expect when Consulting with an Attorney on Elderly Abuse

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When an elderly family member has been neglected or abused by staff at a nursing home, it can be devastating for the entire family. There is a level of expectation when it comes to placing a loved one in a nursing home that they will be well cared for and all their needs will be met. However, what happens when that trust is broken and your loved one has suffered emotional and physical abuse that has traumatized them? Often when an abuse or neglect claim has been placed against a nursing facility, the home is quick to deny anything has occurred. That is why it is important for you to hire elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento to help investigate your claim to build a strong case against the nursing home and their staff.

How a Lawyer Will Help

  • They will consult with you to hear what information or review any proof that you have such as pictures that show abuse.
  • A lawyer will gather vital documents such as doctor or hospital records on your family member.
  • They will provide the information that the attorney gathered to an expert for them to review.
  • Once the expert for elderly abuse attorneys in Sacramento determine you have a legitimate case, the lawyer will start filing a claim against the nursing home.
  • The law firm will interview any witnesses to the abuse and staff members of the nursing home.
  • After a claim has been filed, the attorney will diligently fight for your loved one’s rights and to hold the medical facility responsible for their actions.

Obtain Fair Compensation

You family member has been through physical and emotional pain that has altered their life. At Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law, their primary focus is to hold the medical facility accountable for the pain and suffering your loved one is sustained. That is why they will work tirelessly to help your elderly family member acquire a fair judgement for the neglect and abuse they were subjected to.