What to Expect from Injury Attorneys in Tucson

Personal Injury Attorney

Whether a person is injured in a fall, dog bite, motor vehicle accident, or bicycle accident, the outcome can be devastating. It is especially cumbersome to deal with an injury that was caused by another person’s negligence. To get started on the process of pursuing compensation, it is wise for an injured victim to hire injury attorneys in Tucson. Knowing what to expect when hiring an attorney helps injured victims to be prepared.

What to Expect at the Consultation

It can be a bit intimidating when attending the first meeting with the injury attorneys in Tucson. It is especially stressful if a person has never hired an attorney before. To get started on hiring an attorney, a consultation meeting should be scheduled.

This meeting will typically last less than an hour, so it is crucial the injured victim comes prepared. Writing down facts and questions is prudent to avoid wasted time in the meeting. It is also essential the wounded victim is ready to answer any questions the attorney may have. Providing ample and accurate information is crucial for arming the attorney with the information they will need to begin forming the case.

If the injured victim decides to hire the attorney, they will need to sign the retainer documents and discuss the fees. Most injury attorneys work on contingency, so the client may not have to pay any upfront fees and will not owe any other fees unless they win their claim.

The Attorney Fights for Their Client

Before the attorney begins pursuing the insurance company or filing a lawsuit, they will thoroughly investigate the claim. Attorneys need ample evidence for establishing liability and measurable damages. Without this crucial evidence, pursuing a lawsuit can be a fruitless effort.

With an attorney in place, the injured victim will be able to focus on pursuing their recovery. Attorneys can help their clients obtain greater settlements and can help them stay within the statute of limitations, which is two years in the state of Arizona. Contact PRICE & PRICE Law right away so your consultation appointment will be scheduled.