Find a Natural ED Treatment, Choose Drug/Surgery Free Options in Irvine, CA


Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and want to treat it safely and effectively. If you suffer, you may look into natural ED treatment options as both pills and surgical procedures are a hassle. Many times, men think that their only other option is to take supplements, but many of these are prepared using prescription medications to treat erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you’re still taking the drugs and experiencing side effects.

Treat the Problem

Many doctors prefer to treat the symptoms, such as the inability to get or keep an erection, which is why pills usually work for most of their patients. The problem is that doctors may not be focused on the actual problem. In most cases, vascular disease is the cause of the issue. Studies have shown that erectile problems usually appear a few years before cardiovascular problems arise, such as a stroke or heart attack.

Therefore, you may want to get tested for these health issues to see if that’s the cause. If you still suffer, a natural ED treatment is the best choice because it won’t affect your blood pressure or heart medication and won’t give side effects, such as hearing loss, heart attacks, or blurred vision.


Of course, the primary concern is that you choose something that doesn’t require medication, surgery or needles. Some options, such as acupuncture, don’t use medicines. However, it is still invasive because needles are used. A new option, called LaSara Wave Protocol, or low-intensity shockwave therapy, is painless, fast and effective. It works by increasing the blood flow to the area treated.

A natural ED treatment shouldn’t use needles or supplements with prescription medications included. Visit LaSara Medical Group in Irvine CA at for more information.