What Services Are Offered at a Cat Clinic in Olathe, KS


Falcon Valley Animal Hospital offers a Cat clinic in Olathe, KS. A cat clinic offers both preventative services and services to cats that are ill and in need of treatment. Here are some of the most commonly used services offered by this type of clinic.

New Kitten Care:

Getting a new kitten is exciting for any household. But it is also your first opportunity to start your kitten’s life off right. When you get a kitten, you should bring them in for a new kitten appointment. During this appointment, staff will make sure that the kitten is up to date on their vaccinations, is healthy and that you know how to look after and care for your new family member. This is your chance to ask what food your kitten should be eating, how often they should be sleeping, what you can do to ensure they stay healthy and how much play time they should get per day.

Parasite Protection:

If your cat goes outdoors at all, they may need parasite protection. This includes protecting the cat from fleas, ticks, heartworm, and hookworms. A staff member can examine your pet and determine if they already have these parasites, and based on that, offer up a treatment course. If they already have parasites, the course will involving first ridding them of the parasites and then protecting them from these pests in the future. If they don’t have them already, the treatment course will be just to continue to protect them.


One of the most commonly offered services at a Cat clinic in Olathe, KS is microchipping. No one wants to think about their beloved cat running away. But if the cat gets lost, having a microchip in place allows a vet or animal professional to get the information they need to help ensure your pet is reunited with you. Your vet can implant the microchip into your cat in a matter of minutes and then it is your responsibility to input your contact information into the system and update it as needed.

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