What Parents Should Know About Summer Camp In Fairfield, CT


In Connecticut, gymnastics programs provide exceptional summer camp programs for kids of all ages. The camp provides a wealth of activities to keep kids entertained and physically fit throughout the summer. A local gymnastics provider can offer answers to commonly asked questions about their summer camp in Fairfield CT.

What are the Hours for the Summer Camp?

The summer camp begins at 9 am Monday through Friday and ends at 4 pm. Parents could drop their kids off a little earlier to accommodate their work schedule. However, they must provide the camp directors with advance notice and receive approval first. Half day options are available for children three and up as well.

What Opportunities are Available Through the Camp?

Children can participate in a variety of gymnastics activities that are supervised by directors. The summer camp provides games and crafts through the three-month program. Dance programs are also available. Additionally, all children that participate in the summer camp program receive a free t-shirt with the camp’s logo printed on the front.

Why Should Parents Consider This Camp Over Others?

Their children will spend the day inside a fully air conditioned building without the risk of heat exhaustion. Unlike other camps, kids won’t complain about the heat and will have access to ongoing activities that all kids love. It is a better solution for children who have allergies and want to try something different for a change.

How Do Parents Register Their Kids for the Camp?

All parents can register their kids for the summer camp directly on the website. It provides onscreen instructions for completing the application and waivers required by the camp. Parents are encouraged to sign their kids up for the camp as quickly as possible since spaces are limited.

In Connecticut, gymnastics program providers offer an extraordinary summer camp each year. The camp provides daily activities for kids that keep them away from the video games and help them cultivate new friendships. The program is available Monday through Friday and offers half days for younger kids. Parents who want to learn more about the summer camp in Fairfield CT can Browse our website right now.