3 Important Tenants Rights in Chicago

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Assumptions are made when a person signs a lease. From having a safe and comfortable place to live to fair treatment of security deposits, a tenant often goes into the agreement confidently. However, what happens when there is a violation of tenants rights in Chicago. Renters often don’t realize that they have the ability to obtain legal representation to make sure their rights are protected and to get help remedying the situation in a favorable manner. For those new to renting, the following are three rights that tenants in certain circumstances can count on.

Free from Unreasonable Access

No one wants to wake up to the landlord standing over the bed. There are certain hours of the day that are acceptable for visits. If for some reason the times won’t work, it is possible to work out something on a case by case basis. At the same time, the tenant should be given reasonable notice when it comes to landlord visits. In spite of tenants rights in Chicago, if there is an emergency or an unexpected repair needs to be taken care of, a landlord can gain access to the property.

Reasonable Maintenance

It’s important that renters have a place to live that is well maintained. That may not mean that the yard is well cared for or even that the paint on the exterior is kept up to date. However, it does mean that things like keeping functional bathrooms and a secure structure are the responsibility of the landlord. Tenants can expect that the dwelling, including the chimney, the windows, and even the locks on the doors are maintained and taken care of in a timely manner should a problem arise.

Fair Treatment of Security Deposits

Most landlords require a security deposit before a tenant moves in. The assumption is that as long as they leave the dwelling in clean condition, free from damage, tenants will be given the security deposit back. The deposit must be held in a separate account, a receipt must be provided, and it needs to be returned in a timely fashion. If the deposit is kept without explanation, it’s time to get legal assistance. If you’re having a problem getting your security deposit back, or you believe your tenant rights were violated, contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells.