What Kind of Training Do Security Officers Need?


With a struggling economy barely limping along, the average American is searching for new and inventive ways to make ends meet and to put food on the table. Many people have opted for a second and third job. Many other people have decided to receive specialized training for a specialized field of service. While there are many things that can be tried there are but a few things that are completely economy proof. In a poor economy it does not matter how many skills you have because there is not enough money to go around. The best question to ask yourself is what can you do or offer that will not be regulated by a poor economy? The answer to your question is personal security. If you are in good physical shape and are willing to put in long hours and receive huge payouts then becoming a personal security guard could be in your future. The following list will explain some of the techniques and training that you will need in order to become a top tier security officer.

Security officers are typically strong and in very good physical shape. This means that one of the best training aspects for any security personnel is to continually work out with either free weights or resistance bands. There is not a specific school for learning the art of personal security but there is a school of larger muscles and better stamina. The gym is the best place to start if you are interested in increasing your size and strength. The best security officers are those who offer intimidating size and incredible strength.

Another training aspect for a potential security officer is to understand the local, state, and federal laws. While this is not a mandate to attend law school, it is important that any potential security professional be well versed in what the law allows and does not allow. This could require you to brush up on a few books or perhaps even attend a local class on law. If you are attempting to become a personal security officer it is important that you have a clear understanding of what the law will allow you to do in the process of your job.

Perhaps one of the least utilized skill sets for a potential security officer is mixed martial arts. While many security guards are usually asked to only maintain entrance gates, there are many security professionals who will work as a personal bodyguard. If you are being hired as a bodyguard or as a club bouncer then it will benefit you greatly to understand how to defuse a situation as quickly as possible. Understanding and being trained in the techniques of mixed martial arts can help you become the best security officer around.

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