Plenty of Exercise and Fun at Your Dog Day Care in Arlington VA

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No dog day care in Arlington VA can compare to good quality time spent with your pet. However, if you happen to have a frantic lifestyle and juggling between work, family and travel leaves you no time to spend with your pet, you could use a little help. Your dog needs a good few hours of activity everyday to keep it in the best of physical as well as mental health. A good walk happens to be one of the most fundamental of these activities and it is great if you can make time to do this together. There are a number of other activities too that your pet can indulge in to stay fit, happy and sociable. So if you aren’t able to make time to participate in any such activities with your dog, a dog day care in Arlington VA can turn out to be a great solution.

What to Expect At a Dog Day Care in Arlington VA

When you consider using a day care facility for your dog, here is what you are essentially going to get. Dog day care helps your pet stay healthy and fit with the help of plenty of exercise, outdoor fun and company of other dogs. Your dog gets to be a part of a playgroup where it can interact with other dogs and learn to be more sociable. In addition, your dog is taken for long walks and everything else that it needs in order to remain in good shape.

Choosing the Right Dog Day Care in Arlington VA

In order to make sure that your dog receives the best care, you need to ascertain a few things. First of all, a dog day care in Arlington VA should be clean, hygienic and organized. There should be plenty of space and arrangements to keep larger and smaller dogs separate. If kept together, not only can the dogs become aggressive and erratic but also trigger the predatory instincts of the bigger dog resulting in serious problems and possibly injuries to the smaller dog.

Socializing is important for your dog and hence, a good dog day care will have weekly or bi-weekly sessions where your dog gets to interact with other dogs. However, make sure you ask about all the arrangements and precautions pertaining to these events as dog interactions can get aggressive. In such a situation, there should be a team of well trained and capable trainers who can control this behavior. When things get really fierce, some citronella spray and a water hose should be handy to break things up. Also, an on call veterinarian is an absolute necessity in a dog day care in Arlington VA.

Give your pet the gift of good health and companionship when you are not around. Just bring it to the best dog day care in Arlington VA. Visit to find out more.

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