What Is the Work of an Ophthalmologist, Find Services in Arlington Heights


There are many different kinds of eye doctors who each have different areas of concentration. Maybe you have never thought about the specialist work of an ophthalmologist. If you are having problems with your eyes, you can visit their offices in Arlington Heights. They can diagnose and treat various conditions.

What Services They Offer

To practice in ophthalmology, an eye doctor must first train as a medical doctor and then specialize in treating and performing surgery for various eye diseases. Some of these include:

   * Glaucoma- Millions of Americans suffer from glaucoma. It causes a gradual degradation in the optic nerve, and this makes it one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness. Specialists can perform a glaucoma consultation. It must be treated quickly to prevent further damage to the eye. Medication and surgery are the possible treatments depending on the extent of the disease.

   * Cataracts- These are cloudy areas that develop on the lens of the eye. This condition is most common in the elderly. A specialist can perform cataract surgery to treat the condition and stop the further deterioration of the person’s vision.

   * Pediatric Conditions- Eye problems do not just begin as people mature. There are some issues which may be seen during childhood. These include a lazy eye and crossed eyes. Regardless of the issue, a specialist can perform a comprehensive pediatric eye exam. Should surgery be needed, this can also be provided.

These are just a few of the conditions that can be treated by your local specialist. Others include cornea, eyelid, and eye muscle issues. To get help fast and prevent further complications, it is important to schedule an appointment early on.

If you need the services of an ophthalmologist, you can contact Arlington Eye Physicians in Arlington Heights to get assistance. Find them online at http://arleye.com/ for additional information. Like us on our facebook page.