Things to be Mindful of when Considering Modular Homes

Construction and Maintenance

Overall, modular homes are a great investment for homeowner’s to make. They’re good, sturdy homes, made in half the time, for usually half the price of normal “stick built” homes. However, no plan is perfect, and any business that wants to be honest with customers will prepare them for the drawbacks ahead of time so that they know what they’re walking into. If you’re set of hiring custom modular home builder in Atlantic County Area, don’t think of the following as reasons not to go through with it, but rather as considerations you should make before making such an investment.

#1. Less flexible customization

Not to say there aren’t configurations you can have made to your modular home, but because of the breakneck way they’re built, your options are severely limited. Whereas with stick built homes, you could have your workers build whatever you wanted, so long as you had the money to pay for it. They are at your beck and call, and if you can keep paying them, they will keep building. Modular homes don’t have that luxury, trading customization for briskness of construction.

#2. Land cost

Modular homes can be placed on most locations, but the rub is that you need to buy that land first. So while you won’t have to spend as much on the modular home, saving up to 15% of what you normally would have spent on a stick built home, that money and much more will likely go to buying the land that the house will eventually sit on. And make no mistake, land development is costly. Just as an example, if there’s no sewer system where you want the house to be, now the workers have to install one and connect it to the main sewer line. That’s going to cost you quite the pretty penny.

#3. Fewer land options

The above is of course assuming that you’re allowed to build on the land to begin with. Modular homes have made truly staggering improvements over the past few decades, thanks to great strides in industrial manufacturing technology. However, there is still a stigma among property owners towards modular homes. Because of this, you should check and double check that the owner of the land you want to build on, is even going to allow it in the first place. Otherwise you could be in for some legal troubles.

None of this is to discourage you from buying a modular home. They’re a great option for folks who want the best homebuying deal possible, and can work around the drawbacks. If that describes you, then modular homes are wholeheartedly guaranteed. And if you need a manufacturer to build this house for you, look no further than Zarrilli Homes LLC.