What Is Business Litigation Law?

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Law

Business or commercial litigation law is an area of the legal arena that focuses on business disputes. This is a very complex area of law; it encompasses issues such as agreement disputes, intellectual property rights, debt collection, real estate, business torts, etc.

There are numerous parties involved in commercial or business litigation, due to the complexity of the issues both parties will be represented by business litigation lawyers in Chicago. In many cases the dispute will involve former business partners, one suing the other for breach of contract. Many parties can be in dispute; vendors, competitors and even past employees.

One major area of concern for business litigation lawyers in Chicago is class action suits. A class action law suit is one which is brought against a company by an organized group of plaintiffs which can be consumers of a company’s product. A common class action involves breach of warranty. A typical example of a class action might be against a manufacturer or retailer of a product sold as a miracle diet supplement that did not work as promised, the buyers did not lose weight as the retailer promised. In a law suit of this nature the attorneys for the plaintiffs and the defendant would go to court, relying on case law as well as existing state or federal law when arguing the case.

In many cases involving business litigation it is not in the best interest of the company to have the case tried in court. Once a case goes to court a great deal of time and legal fees will be involved, court cases can drag on for a considerable length of time. In many cases mediation or arbitration are more practical ways of resolving the dispute. Alternative approaches to business disputes can also be handled by business litigation lawyers in Chicago on behalf of their individual clients.

Business litigation law may overlap with intellectual property law in certain instances. There may be a dispute within the business over such things as ownership of a patent as well as a trademark or copyright. In the event a business fails and is dissolved the question can arise; who owns the intellectual property of the business and how does this impact the dissolution of the business taking into account the assets? As noted, business and commercial litigation is a very complex and comprehensive area of law and to effectively represent their clients, business litigation lawyers in Chicago must be fluent in all aspects of business law.

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