How To Get The Best Wholesale Nail Care Products


Nail professionals know how important it is to have the proper kind of products to use with their customers. Superior products ensure that customers come back again and again. This helps businesses grow and leads to increased profits and higher earnings. If you are stocking your store or nail care salon, it is essential that you only buy the best wholesale nail care products.

Finding the Right Wholesale Company

When looking for a wholesale company to use, you should be sure to compare at least a few different suppliers. Things like pricing, shipping and MOQ are likely to differ between companies. It is also a good idea to choose a company that has a good reputation and a thorough understanding of their products as well as excellent customer service.

Wholesale Nail Care Products Available

There are a wide variety of nail items that can be purchased wholesale. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Nail Essentials – this includes the essential items needed to keep nails healthy such as nail clippers, nail files, nail scissors and tools for taking care of the cuticles

  • Nail Hardeners – many people struggle with soft nails that easily break, tear or rip. Nail hardeners are helpful for people who want nails that are thicker and stronger.

  • Nail Lacquers –Nail lacquer or nail polish comes in a wide array of colors. Customers enjoy being able to choose from a wide array of colors with various effects. Nail lacquers can contain components that make them sparkle, glitter and shimmer. Some clear nail polishes can be used as an overcoat or finisher to add strength and shine. For happy customers, offer them the widest variety of nail lacquers you can.

  • Nail Polish Sets – nail polish sets make great gifts. These can be used as a birthday present, a shower gift, a door prize or part of a grab bag. These items are always good to keep on hand.

  • Nail Treatments – nail treatments help people that have problems with their nails. This can include formulas that help people stop biting their nails, formulas that help with fungal problems, formulas that help fill in nails that have problems with ridges and formulas that keep the cuticles healthy.

  • Pedicure Supplies – your toes have nails too — don’t forget about them. Pedicure supplies are always good to have on hand for customers to use and enjoy.

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