What Is a Detox Center

Drug Addiction

A detox center is a facility that exists to help someone that has a physical addiction get rid of all traces of their body’s dependency of the drug or alcohol that they are addicted to. When an addiction becomes severe enough, the person will enter a state where their body becomes dependent on the continued consumption of that drug. If they try to quit the drug or alcohol, their body will begin to experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can range from a mild discomfort to extreme pain. A Malibu detox center is designed to help the patient get through this difficult time as they work through their withdrawal symptoms that occur when they stop taking the drug.

Medical Detox

In severe cases such as an addict attempting to recover from a major addiction, medical detox may be required. Medical detox is done under the supervision of medical professionals. This takes place one that detox process is expected to be excessively difficult for the patient. The goal of medical detox is to get the patient to the point where they can safely stop using the drug without risking any medical complications. An example of this is alcoholism. If a severe alcoholic tries to stop drinking cold turkey, it may create some significant medical problems for them. In cases like these, quitting cold turkey may not always be an option.

Outpatient Detox

There are two different types of Malibu detox center processes. An outpatient detox is one where the patient begins a detoxification program and checks in regularly with a doctor. The doctor will examine their health and make sure that their health is not deteriorating while they go through this detoxification process. Because the patient is not under 24-7observation, the doctor must examine the patient carefully to ensure that they are not continuing to use the drug. An outpatient detox will typically take longer than an inpatient detox. It can take several weeks and up to a few months, depending on the patient’s response to the detox program.

Inpatient Detox

An inpatient detox is used for people with severe addictions that they are trying to escape. An inpatient detox program involves the patient staying in the Malibu detox center and place under constant medical supervision. This is the safest route to go when a patient is going to detox. If any health complications arise, they will be able to receive medical attention immediately this way.

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