Get the Best Results with an Experienced Painting Contractor


It’s highly unlikely that anyone has ever looked forward to the prospect of painting their home or building. The undertaking is usually enormous and painters and their ladders and paraphernalia are camped out for days and weeks – and that’s not taking into consideration the high cost of the process. And yet, for the average homeowner, this occurs anywhere between every three to five years.

A failure to paint timeously can have a negative effect on the value of a property and generally creates a bad image in a neighborhood. There are few things that make a building look more run-down than peeling or faded paint. It must also have a psychologically depressing impact on the owners who are aware each time they drive up that what is probably their greatest asset that it is not reflecting its former glory. And so, it’s time to call in the exterior painting contractors.

What to look for when choosing exterior painting contractors

Professional exterior painting contractors will be able to provide a wealth of advice – not only on the product to choose, but also the choice of colors and trim. Homes and buildings are constructed of many different materials that range from brick to wood, aluminum, stone and metal, and it’s important to know what paint to use for each surface. These contractors will have a wide range of products available and will be able to explain the cost effectiveness of each.

For those property owners who want to make an important investment, it is often suggested that they make use of ceramic paint rather than traditional latex paints. Ceramic paints (or permanent paints as they are sometimes referred to) have enormous advantages. They are tougher and more flexible than normal paint and are solar resistant and sun reflective. Thus, not only will the paint not fade from the sun’s UV rays, it will actually save on energy bills. These paints are waterproof, which means that they will stand up to both heavy rainfalls and ice and snow. Water is one of the most destructive elements to a home, particularly if a lot of wood has been used, so having it wrapped in a waterproof coat will be of great benefit.

The best feature of these ceramic paints is their amazing durability because of their composition, which makes them dry up to eight times thicker than normal paint. Checking with exterior painting contractors will lead you to the right product, but ask if any carry a warranty. There are some paints that now have a 25 year warranty which is transferrable to a new owner – thus making your home eminently more saleable. Some are also salt and mildew resistant, and are eco-friendly. With the right painting contractors and the perfect product, it is guaranteed that the unwelcome decision of having to re-paint will be deferred for at least a couple of decades. This must be a comforting thought for any property owner.

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