What does a truck accident attorney do?


When you are involved in an accident and the other vehicle is a large truck you are faced with issues that rarely come up when the accident is between two cars. Firstly, the vehicle is big and heavy and the possibility of serious injury and damage is great; secondly, there can be many layers of people and companies involved and determining who or what is at fault can be tricky.

A truck accident attorney in Ohio is one who devotes a great deal of his or her time dealing with issues that are at stake when a truck is involved in an accident. It depends a great deal on how the attorney organizes the practice, some represent the truck driver and property owners while others focus their attention on the other driver that has sustained injury and damage while others may focus their attention on the insurance companies who are involved with the truck and driver.

There are a number of areas of law that a truck accident attorney in must be intimate with, these include personal injury law, corporate liability, insurance law as well as the traffic laws of the area where the accident happened.

Most accidents that involve a big truck are complicated. A car accident is actually quite simple; there are two cars owned by two different people, one of which caused the accident and the other is the victim. Not so in an accident involving a truck. Most large trucks are driven for commercial purposes; the driver of the truck is typically a corporate agent while driving. The truck accident attorney must determine if the accident was the fault of the driver as an individual or was the driver a corroborate agent at the time? It is also possible that the fault lies with a third-party driver or a government agency such as an agency responsible for maintaining safe roads.

A truck accident attorney in Ohio is a fact-finder. Of course the goal is to serve his or her client but all truck accidents involve a lot of facts and players. The attorney must understand not only the facts that surround the actual accident but must also understand what lead up to the accident in the first place. The attorney must gather a lot of data; how long had the driver been at the wheel, was the driver drinking at the time or under the influence of drugs, was the truck and trailer in good operating condition, etc.

At the core of a truck accident attorney lays a personal injury advocate who has earned his or her stripes over many years of involvement in a complicated area of law.

Any accident involving a big truck can be fraught with complexities; hence you will need the professional services of a truck accident attorney in Ohio if you are an involved party. You are invited to contact The Donahey Law Firm.