La Grange Crane Service Offers Crane Truck Rentals in Chicago

Crane Service

For those seeking top-notch crane truck rental Illinois, this company is exactly what you’ve been looking for. A family-owned business that has served the Chicagoland area for more than half a century now, quality service is paramount. FBE-certified in Illinois, this business offers 24/7 services to many different clients. Both long-term and short-term projects are no problem, and emergency services are also available. No project is too large or too small, and both quotes and on-site consultations can be arranged. Truck cranes offer reliable lifting power, and also combine a truck’s maneuverability with a crane’s versatility. This saves time by reducing the amount of set-up required by your team. Truck cranes have a wide range of uses, including maintenance, hauling, and assisting film crews. They can easily handle heavy equipment and materials during installation. The selection of truck cranes provided has been curated by crane experts, ensuring you get the best one for your project. The trucks come from industry leaders such as Terex, Manitex, and Grove.

You can expect high-quality manufacturing and reliable performance, as well as corrosion-protected connectors and easy maintenance. The truck’s ergonomic cabs are comfortable and suitable for long projects. Trucks can handle up to 115 tons, with boom lengths up to 169 feet. Also included is a digital display to ensure fast readings and accurate placement. Proper safety features are also included, to reduce accidents. For more information on crane truck rental Illinois, as well to find out which truck is right for your project, visit La Grange Crane Service, Inc. today.