What Do SSDI Attorneys Do?


It’s not technically required that disabled individuals filing a social security disability claim have an attorney on their side. It is, however, extremely helpful, especially for those who are concerned that their claims may be denied. Those who are wondering what, exactly, SSDI Attorneys can do to help them ensure success when filing a claim can read on to learn more about these legal professionals and the services they provide.

Protecting the Client’s Best Interests

An astounding number of completely legitimate claims are denied based on incorrectly filed paperwork or the basic assumption that filers will not have the know-how to file appeals on their own. SSDI Attorneys can act as middlemen between their clients and the SSA, helping to ensure all paperwork is filed correctly and that the client’s best interests are being protected.

Documenting Information

Social security disability attorneys can help their clients collect important documents that will help them prove their eligibility to receive SSDI benefits. These may include medical records and statements from qualified doctors that will help to bolster their cases.

Navigate the Application Process

The process of applying for SSDI can be quite complex. Some individuals are required to apply in person, though most can apply online. Either way, it’s essential that all paperwork be filed promptly and without any technical errors.

Appeal Denials

Those who feel that their claims have been unjustly denied can seek the help of an attorney in filing an appeal. It’s usually more effective to hire an attorney before even filing a claim, though, as this can help to avoid being denied for benefits, to begin with.

Act as an Advocate

Applicants for SSDI are typically required to attend disability hearings. Their attorneys can go with them to these hearings to help them emphasize the most compelling aspects of their cases.

Get More Compensation

Those who have been approved for SSDI but feel that they are not receiving adequate compensation can consult with an attorney for help requesting additional aid. Check out website to learn about one local attorney who can help today to get started. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!