What Can You Expect From a Radon Mitigation System in Pittsburgh PA?

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Radon is a natural radioactive gas that is formed through the breakdown process of uranium. Since uranium is found in almost all soil types, the chance of radon exposure is common. Radon typically does not cause problems, unless it becomes trapped in your home. This can happen over time, as the gases enter your home from the soil. It can get in through your water source, cracks in your foundation and through your construction joints. If you have radon in your home, it is crucial you seek a radon Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA. They can remove the radon from your home and help to prevent it from entering again.

For the Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA to be put in place, the contractor will need to come out to your home and test your radon levels. This will need to be done on two separate occasions, to ensure the correct reading is gathered. One of the most common types of mitigation systems involves first sealing off any cracks in your foundation, walls, and flooring. Since cracks can allow these gases to build up in your home, it is crucial they are repaired promptly.

The next step will involve the placement of a ventilation system. This system uses pipes that are placed under the ground in your foundation. A ventilation fan is installed, to direct the gases away from your home, so they are not allowed to build up and cause health concerns.

After the mitigation efforts have been put into place, your home will be tested on several different occasions, to ensure the gases have been removed. If further efforts are needed, the company will come out and continue to work with your home, until your levels have been brought down to an acceptable level. Through Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA, your levels can be brought to normal.

Since radon is carcinogenic to humans, it is crucial you have this brought under control as soon as possible. It is important to hire a professional company for Mitigation System Pittsburgh PA. Trying to take care of the problem yourself is not advisable.

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