Original is Better: The Benefits of Using OEM Dana Spicer Parts


Anyone who has ever worked in the heavy equipment industry is quite familiar with the name Dana Spicer. The Dana Spicer type of axle is one of the commonly used parts in the industry and their name has become synonymous with quality and durability. When you have an issue where a Dana Spicer unit breaks or becomes worn out, then you need to make sure to replace it with a direct OEM part. Using aftermarket parts on your heavy duty equipment will in some cases affect the way that it functions altogether. Here are a few of the benefits of using OEM Dana Spicer Parts for your heavy duty equipment.

Easier Buying Experience

Among the biggest benefits with using OEM parts is that you will be able to find the replacement you need much easier than with an aftermarket part. The OEM replacement parts are built directly from the manufacturer’s specifications, which helps to ensure that they fit properly. With many aftermarket parts, modifications have to be made in order for them to fit in the proper manner. Instead of trying to contend with endless modifications and retooling to make a part fit, you need to instead choose an OEM replacement.

High Quality

When choosing to get an OEM replacement part for your machinery, you will be getting the highest quality replacement on the market. The OEM parts that you purchase are built to last and are made of the highest quality materials in the world. Many of the aftermarket parts builders use, use the cheapest materials that they can find in order to turn a larger profit. Buying these types of parts will only cause you more damage and stress in the future

The Warranty

For many industrial equipment owners, the biggest reason that they choose to buy only OEM replacement parts is that they come with a great warranty. This means that should something go wrong with the part, you will be covered. In most cases, if the problem is caused by a manufacturer defect, the company will cover the replacement parts and labor. The extra money that you pay for an OEM part is worth is when you consider the many benefits that come with them. Be sure to do some research before choosing a supplier to make sure that you get the right one.

If you find yourself in need of OEM Dana Spicer Parts, then the team at Palmer Johnson Power Systems can help.