What Can Someone Screen Print in Lenexa For You?


Screen printing was first discovered and used 1,000 years ago in China. It had limited use until the early 1900s when the ability to use photographic images was introduced. The toxic chemicals that were used at the time prevented the wide use of screen printing. The famous artist Andy Warhol popularized the artistic use of screen printing in 1962 with his legendary portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. Technological advances now allow the screen printer to make single or multiple copies of any full color image.

The artwork is where it all begins. The t-shirt, embroidered hat or custom badge can’t be any better than the artwork. The best modern screen printers are able to take a rough idea or sketch and turn it into finished art that can be digitized, screen printed or embroidered. Logo development is important to any new business. An experienced graphic designer should be able to work with the customer and develop a logo and brand for many business applications, such as letterhead, company shirts, hats and signs. Digitizing the artwork allows modern equipment to fully utilize the artwork.

Screen printing today is generally done on a rotary printing press, although flat-bed and cylinder presses are used for some projects. The use of both automatic and manual presses allows even challenging jobs to be completed. It would probably be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t have at least a couple screen printed t-shirts. Screen printers can accommodate large orders of thousands of shirts for a Fortune 500 event or a single shirt for Grandpa showing pictures of the grand-kids. Complex print jobs requiring 12 colors, jumbo prints, side, sleeve or over the seam printing, metallic, 3-D or water-based inks and high density gels can all be done by screen printing professionals.

Custom embroidery, most commonly done on hats and badges, is accomplished using digitized artwork on computerized, heavy duty sewing machines. The designs must be tested and adjusted if necessary to ensure that they can be successfully embroidered with no thread breakage or other problems. There is an endless list of organizations, companies and individuals who want their embroidered logos, names or artwork on hats, shirts, jackets, badges or even sweatshirts.

When someone is needed to Screen Print in Lenexa, the Business Name is experienced in all of the above specialties. What can be designed and created is only limited by the imagination.