Haute Couture and Modern Islamic Clothing

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When it comes to style, women who follow the Koran have to learn to mix style with cultural tradition and religious commands. The result has not always been successful. Today, however, providers of modern Islamic clothing are attempting to provide women with the right apparel to meet all the requirements. Among those who are the most successful are young Muslim entrepreneurs. They are creating haut couture clothing for women, and to a small extent, men, to wear.

The Purpose of Clothing

To many North Americans, clothing serves several purposes. It provides protection from the elements. No one would want to be in the all-together in a Nebraska or Canadian winter. Clothing keeps people warm and cold. This is its primary reason for existence.

Another reason for clothing is status. People wear clothing to show off. They wear the latest to indicate they can afford to wear expensive and stylish apparel. Style is also a way of showing others they are part of an “in group.”

At the same time, clothing are to attract the preferred sex. It is a way of affirming one’s sexuality. Yet, clothing can also indicate one’s nature as being virginal or even modest. In many society’s, loose fitting dresses and lengthy hems indicate chastity and modesty as being part of the wearer’s character. This is the same for both Muslim and many Christian and Jewish faithful.

In the Qur’an the purpose of clothing is to provide protection indicate true beauty and enhance the modesty necessary for the faithful. This does not alter even in the hands of fashion designers. Haute couture modern Islamic clothing is a way of keeping the core values and beliefs intact while moving traditional clothes into the present century.

Haute Couture and Modern Islamic Clothing

Fashion houses have only recently begun to design modern Islamic clothing that dares to create fashionable wear. Wealthy families can now spend substantial sums on high-end abayas and jilbabs. Fashion creators are branding their designs. This includes accessories as well as apparel.

In the practice of many couture houses worldwide, these designers are also producing readymade clothing. It is available readily online for everyone. Such measures help improve the quality of the product. It also allows women to purchase and use modern Islamic clothing that is durable and washable.

Among the better known couture abayas are the following:

  • Effa Collections
  • Hessah Abaya
  • Farah Alshamsi
  • Rouge Couture

These trained designers can create Islamic modern apparel that is stylish, of high quality and still allows women to follow the core values a Muslim must treasure.