What Can a Property Owner Expect From Bird Control in Pearl City?

Pest Management

As with any pest control management, bird control in Pearl City will start with an inspection of the property to determine the severity of the infestation and the type of bird involved. The pest control professional will then recommend and implement a method of pest control that will include removing any nests. They may also suggest exclusions techniques to keep the birds from returning.

What Are Shock Tracks?

Shock tracks are a deterrent device used to keep birds from landing or perching on a building, solar panel, or anything else that can be damaged by a bird’s waste or nesting materials. Shock tracks are electrified; the shock won’t harm the bird, but it will keep them away from the protected property.

What Is Bird Wire?

Bird wire is another deterrent that prevents birds from landing or perching. It is particularly effective against large birds like crows or seagulls. The pest control professional will usually use bird wire to protect long and exposed ledges on places like rooftops.

Bird wire includes stainless steel wire coated with nylon and stainless steel posts. The posts come in different heights. After installing the posts, the pest control professional will thread the wire through the posts to create an uneven landing surface that birds don’t like.

What Are Bird Mites?

Bird mites are common parasites that live on both wild and domestic birds. They are especially likely to become a problem when their current host dies and they need to look for a new host. The pest control professional will use various treatments to get rid of bird mites.

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