Playing With Styles and Colors When Taking Makeup Classes in Dallas

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When you’re in cosmetology school, you’ll usually learn about the proper way to apply makeup at some point. After you’ve learned all of the basics, there are often courses for special effects and other details that are a bit more involved. Here are a few of the skills that are commonly learned in this type of school.


Before you learn how to apply products during makeup lessons in Dallas, you’ll learn about the tools that are used. You’ll also learn about how to clean the tools that are used, such as your brushes and nail files. There are also lessons about the different brush sizes that can be used as you want to apply makeup using the correct technique.

Matching Details

When you take makeup lessons in Dallas, you’ll usually learn about how to coordinate the colors and style used with the hairstyle of the person you’re working with at the time. There are some colors that blend well together regarding the makeup and hair and some that should be avoided as they might not deliver the look that the person desires. While learning these details, you’ll usually be introduced to the color wheel and how to combine colors to make new shades.


As you become familiar with applying makeup, you’ll begin to learn about techniques that can alter the person’s appearance. These contouring techniques can highlight various areas of the face including the eyes or the cheeks while hiding areas that could be seen as a problem.

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