What are the Benefits of Using a Pediatric Dentist in Lacey WA


Almost every parent wants the best for their child, especially health-wise. Kids need to eat properly, exercise frequently and socialize with other kids and adults. They should also visit their pediatrician and a pediatric dentist. There are many benefits of using a pediatric dentist.

Good Habits

Parents are the first teachers a child will ever have, but it is important to instill good habits when it comes to brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly. A pediatric dentist in Lacey WA, will be able to explain and show kids how to take care of their oral health. Those children that learn these good habits are likely to use them into and through adulthood, which will keep their teeth cleaner and help prevent cavities.

Going to dentists from an early age will also help kids feel more comfortable about doing it twice a year. Many adults are afraid to go to the dentist because they haven’t gone for a long time. However, if you went to the dentist regularly as a child, you will likely continue going as an adult.

Healthy Mouths

Dentists want their patients to have healthy mouths because otherwise many problems can develop quickly with few or no symptoms, such as discomfort and pain. However, the longer you wait to have those problems taken care of, the more difficult and time consuming it could be to have them fixed. Regular visits with pediatric dentists can help kids prevent dental problems that are expensive or painful.


Responsibility is important for every child. It builds character and helps them understand the benefits of doing certain things. In some cases, responsibility means doing chores to receive allowance or cleaning up after yourself. Another aspect of responsibility includes taking care of teeth and eating right. Kids that visit the dentist regularly will be taught why they should eat specific foods and why they shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets. They will also learn about the benefits of brushing and regularly flossing.

They will start to learn that there are rewards for doing things right and consequences for doing the wrong things. Consequences can include drilling for cavities and most pediatric dentists in Lacey WA , provide a small reward for having clean and cavity-free teeth, such as stickers or a small prize, which help children realize responsibility. Click here to know more.