What a Reliable Moving Service in Chicago Can Offer


Reliable is the key word. When it comes time to move, the main concern that most people have is that their move is quick and efficient. Unfortunately, not every moving service offers the same love of customer service. When looking for a dependable moving service, Chicago is home to a number of agencies that rank high on the list. The following tips are how individuals can separate the great from the good.

Research the Moving Service
Research and fact finding has its place in life. The right research can uncover lots of revealing things. First, ask others you know about your moving company of interest. Have they done business with the agency? Has anyone in your family or social circle used the agency for a move? Does the agency own a website, or do they have a strong social media presence? Can they provide a list of companies they have worked with? Such information can be helpful for making a hiring decision.

A good sign is if the relocation agency:

  • Provides a free estimate
  • Offers assistance with packing/unpacking
  • Offer valuation coverage
  • Provides a point person of contact
  • Provides secure short or long-term storage options
  • And much more

Storage options may also include warehousing and asset management. It all falls under the umbrella of logistics.

Office Moving
Office moves can be local, national, or international. Desks, files, and office equipment can be disassembled and reassembled for customers.

Industrial Moving
Asset management, warehousing, bar coding, inventory control, and reporting may apply.

Government Moving
Special contracts give service providers permission. Moving agencies can be qualified to fully move and handle sensitive data and information.

What Customers Can Do to Prepare
When the agency visits, takes inventory, and provide a free estimate, the customer can find out what they need to do to get prepared for the big moving day. Notify everyone that is in the loop. Make sure all unnecessary mail has been forwards, and/or stopped. Shred documents that are no longer useful. Keep the moving list handle to make sure everything is checked off. Enjoy the experience.