Small garden ideas For Outdoor Plants

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When it comes to gardening, many of us would prefer a large space, but must often make do with less room than we hope for. If you have only a small space, here are some ideas of how to set up your garden.

Choose smaller plants: If you have a smaller space, it only makes sense to have plants that are petite. Not to worry, many plants and even some fruits and vegetables are naturally small. Plants like cherry tomatoes, basil, or some species of cacti are perfect for small spaces. Flowers will also work well. One thing to be weary of is the fact that, while all plants start out small, many can quickly outgrow your space. To avoid a gardening disaster, make sure to ask whether the seeds you are planting will sprout small or large plants.

Pot your plants: This will ensure that plants are not competing for essential nutrients the soil of a small space. Potted plants are also much easier to rearrange than ones that have roots deep underground. If your outdoor garden is actually your balcony, you really have no choice but to pot your plants.

Layer: Increase spacing and variety by layering your plants. Use a stool or rack to allow for several types of potted plants. Install shelves to place the pots where smaller plants are housed. One thing to consider in this case is the lack of sunlight. However, a properly placed rack or shelf can help ensure that all plants receive the adequate amount of sun while fitting perfectly into your snug little garden. If you are able to plant trees, you can complement these by partnering them with plants that need little sunlight and more shade.

Working with a small space may not be as awe inspiring. However, with some simple tricks, you can make even a small balcony into a functional mini-garden.

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